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Elementary Math Adoption Survey for Parents

As you may know, the Seattle School Board recommended a new K-5 math curriculum to use for the next seven years. Lafayette Elementary is trying to determine the best curriculum option for our students. As many of you know, last year as a school community we got feedback on both the “EnVisions” and “Math in Focus” programs. Both providers held Parent and Staff overviews for our stakeholders last year. So to move forward there is a survey to gather further community input before making a final decision as to which resource Lafayette will use. Due to the district timeline, your input is needed by Tuesday, June 10th at 9am. Please use the following link to share your input.

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  1. Why doesn’t the survey simply include a question on which program I prefer?
    Which program do you prefer: Envisions or Math in Focus?
    Having reviewed both, I would select Math in Focus.

    1. I would prefer Math in Focus too. The directions on Envisions homework are poorly written and difficult to understand.

  2. Envision Math incorporates more problem solving and language. Math in Focus is more focussed on computation and the textbooks are more expensive. Envision gets my vote

  3. After reviewing both, I would choose enVision Math. Looks more interesting for students and teaches concepts in multiple ways

  4. I like the problem solving and variety of questions in enVision Math. Math in Focus focuses more on computation and the textbooks are more expensive. I would choose enVision.

  5. What are the results of the survey? Can we see the results for each question and the interpretation of those results. What will Lafayette be using next year? EnVisions or Math in Focus?

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