Art for the 2017 Auction

As we get the photos of the art for the auction we will post them here!  Get ready to find space in the house for these amazing pieces of art made by the kids!

Preschool, Room 2 Ms. Chandler “Blowing Away”

Kindergarten, Room 1, Ms. Peterson  “Seasoned Seattle” 

Kindergarten, Room 26 Ms. Takahashi ” Thumbs Up, Better Together”

Kindergarten, Room 14 Ms. Bajaj  Storm Trooper Helmet

Kindergarten, Room 25, Ms. Benson “Room 25 goes to Space” 

1st Grade Room 18 Ms. Miller, “Room 18 Rocks” Positive Message Rocks

1st Grade, Room 19, Ms. Joseph “Cultures in our Classroom”   A Free Library to put in your yard! Comes with free installation.

1st Grade, Room 20, Mr. Shaw “Cedar Bench and Planters”

2nd Grade, Room 8, Ms. Sacco-Neel “Be the Change you Wish to See in the World” Tee-pee and Reading Nook

2nd Grade, Room 16, Ms. Essex  “The Colorful Peacock of Ms. Essex class”

2nd Grade, Room 13, Ms. Whipple  “Warhol Leopards”

3rd Grade, Room 10 Ms. Ferguson, “Board of Wisdom” Classroom Charter Coat Rack

3rd Grade, Room 23  Ms. Freed “Reach for the Stars”

3rd Grade, Room 14, Ms. Hogrefe  “All you need is Love”

3rd Grade, Room 22 Ms. Duke  “Watch now, how I start the day in Happiness, in Kindness”  from the poem of Mary Oliver, “Why I Wake Early”

4th Grade, Portable 32, Mrs. Adams “Telstar”  

4th Grade Room 21 Mr. Schroeder’s  “When We Work Together” quilt

4th Grade, Room 24, Mrs. McBeth “Hypnotizing Recyclable Wonder Colors”

5th Grade, Room 31, Mr. Ngobi  “Trees” 

5th Grade, Room 9, Mr. Hodges “Fire Pit with Glass Mosaic Tiles”

5th Grade, Room 17, Ms. Thompson “Giant Jenga Special Memory Poetry Blocks”