Earth Day Clean Up at School

Saturday, April 22nd 9am- 12pm

We have a crew of volunteers provided by Seattle Public Schools plus a local law firm who are coming to help us clean up the school, paint and maintain the gardens!

Our Volunteer Project Manager, Ellen Zoffel is coordinating the Earth Day volunteers on Saturday April 22 9:00am-12:00pm, Parent volunteers are also needed to be part of the clean up crew! If you have any wheelbarrows to share on that day it would really help!

sign up here:

Science Alert and Garden Classes!

Science Alert!!!  This news is big! Most of you might remember that last year we left some pumpkins to rot in the garden to see if they might come back. Pumpkins are full of seeds. They rot, the seeds plant themselves and with a little water, sun, a visit from a bee, and time a new pumpkin can grow.  Go check it out! The pumpkin is getting bigger everyday!  

Fall Classes in the Garden: New classes are up! Have fun kids!

Summer in the Garden

“Hey Ma, Look what we did!” The kids should be proud! They worked so hard this   spring and early summer planting everything.  Things have grown beyond our expectations.  So very many flowers.  Volunteers this summer report that they have seen hummingbirds, butterflies, song birds, lady bugs, bumble and honey bees and more creatures in the garden.  Lettuce, peas, cucumbers, celery, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and more are all growing and being harvested.  Here are some pictures.

Flowers, flowers, everywhere!


Hello Ladybug.


Hello Bee!





Congrats to our Golden Acorn Winners!

The Golden Acorn Award is presented by the Lafayette PTA to two volunteers in recognition of their outstanding dedication and service to Lafayette and it’s students.

The Lafayette PTA will contribute $50 for each award, in honor of our 2016 Golden Acorn Recipients, to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program, which helps graduates of public high schools in our state go onto college.

I’m so proud of our Lafayette community because we have so many great people among us who give so generously of their time and talents to make our school experience safer, richer and more fun.

Diana Palmer has been a long-time Lafayette parent and has taken on many roles during her tenure; Room Parent, Board Member, Spring Fling Chair, plus key roles with both the Walk-A-Thon and School Auction. She was proactive this year in the continuation of our student play “The Lion King” this Spring.  She is the type of parent who is often here at the school and if she sees a need, she steps in and takes care of it. 

Ellen Zoffel is another a long-time Lafayette parent who has given endless hours and definitely some sweat this year.  She’s been Room Parent, Board Co-Secretary, and the Great Composers teacher.  This year she took on the enormous and ambitious task of creating a school garden out of an eyesore that we had grumbled about for years.  Not only did she see a problem and design a solution, she took on this challenge all on her own and saw it from start to finish.  From writing grants, organizing volunteers from both the school and outside community so that we can all enjoy the beautiful school garden thanks to Ellen’s efforts.

Congrats to both of these hard-working recipients. Thanks again for all your time, talents and efforts!

Acorn WinnersEllen_Diana

Garden Gnomes Wanted!

Our school garden is in full spring swing and we are looking forward to a busy summer to prep for our fall harvest!  Please consider helping in one of the ways listed below.  Bring your family and little helpers too!
*Spring weeding – 1 hour of weeding in the garden
*Garden Class Helpers  -Help with a 30 minute activity with a class in the garden.
*Garden party planners and helpers – We will have a party in the garden during spring fling with crafts and produce tasting.
*Summer – Adopt the garden for a week – water and weed for a week.
To volunteer or ask questions, please send an email to





The garden is in full bloom!  Spring bulbs are blooming and the trees are almost all planted. Thank you to all the teachers and students that helped to plant the trees.  5 classes and the first grade Lafayette Girl Scouts. Each class learned all about the tree, and how to plant it.  Go see the trees, but don’t hug them until they are bigger!



fall garden

It is Fall in the school garden! Things are decomposing, sleeping and even growing! Come check it out. Special thanks to Lisa Swenson who donated and decorated the fall planters, planted lots of crops and plants and made the signs. Want to know why there are pumpkins rotting? Go see…

Lafayette’s Science Garden is Growing

The Science Garden’s beds have been completed and are ready for planting! Two Lafayette parents, Lisa Swenson and Leisa Smith have signed on to be the Science Garden Co-Chairs. They will be coordinating planting and maintenance of the garden. Both parents have extensive gardening backgrounds and interest. Lafayette is lucky to have them to help our garden grow!

Keep a lookout for volunteer opportunities to help plant and nurture the Science Garden through the Lafayette PTA’s website.

The Science Garden is still looking for a contractor to help build the benches and the arbors. If you know of anyone who may be able to help with this project, please contact Ellen Zoffel.

The Lafayette Science Garden and Outdoor Classroom Needs a Chair

The Lafayette Science Garden and Outdoor Classroom is in need of a chair. Not the kind of chair that you sit in, a chairPERSON! Well, maybe it needs a chair to sit in too, but that would be something the chairperson would decide. Not only would this chairperson work with Ellen Zoffel which is pretty awesome by itself but this chairperson would also have the opportunity to make a real difference in the quality of education of Lafayette’s students. If you would be interested in this wonderful opportunity please send email to the Lafayette PTA Board.