Fall Enrichment, Sponsorship Team Volunteers, plus more!

Fall Enrichment Classes are ready for registration!

Enrollment for the Fall 2016 Enrichment session is now open! The Fall Session begins Monday, October 3rd and ends Friday, December 17th unless otherwise noted.   Classes include activities like Trendy Crafts, Comic Art, Maker Madness, Drumming 101, Jump Roping, Yoga, Robotics and whole lot more. Check it out and register by September 26th!

Lafayette Sponsorship Team in Search for Members

The Lafayette Sponsorship Team is looking for new members to join the team. This team serves a critical role in the success of the Lafayette PTA by soliciting donations from organizations both local and nation-wide. This team will have a big push before the Walk-A-Thon and then it can be pretty mellow until the school auction in the spring. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Lafayette Sponsorship Team, please contact WAT@lafayettepta.com

Important Dates Coming up

Student Photo Friday, September 23rd

Curriculum Night Thursday, September 29th, 6 – 9pm School Cafeteria/Classrooms 

This coincides with the first PTA meeting of the year as well.  There is no childcare for this meeting but there will be for subsequent meetings.  Time to meet your teachers if you haven’t already and check out the classrooms and learn about what your kids will be learning this year!  It is also a great time to check out the PTA and see how you can get involved in your school.  Join the PTA here Join.  

Skate Night at Southgate Roller Rink October 6th, 6 – 8pm

Save the Date!  The PTA is hosting a free skate & pizza night for the community.  This has been a fun family event that all the students and parents enjoy.  The event will be located at the Southgate Roller Rink.

Advanced Learning Application Deadline, October 6th learn more here

The Events Calendar  on the PTA website has all our events plus Seattle Public School District (SPS) information as well. You can go to the calendar by clicking here.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience but there is some paperwork before you can start!  Please go to this link and fill out the paperwork and submit it to Ms. Selina in the front office.  This is an SPS requirement of all our volunteers.  

Save those Markers!!  

We will be starting a recycling program for those expired colored markers. Look for a container in the front lobby coming soon!

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