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The Lafayette Science Garden Program is one of our students’ favorite things about our school!  We are excited to announce the donor partnership with The Robins Family Trust to expand our science garden.  Because of this generous donation, Lafayette has plans to integrate the garden into every aspect of our curriculum, including art, science, writing, and social studies. Additionally, our students will have two new dedicated classrooms.  A Maker Room for project planning and creation, and a Garden Grow Room to extend all garden projects inside. These classrooms give teachers and students the opportunity to create and learn outside the bounds of normal class work.

This is an enormously exciting development for our school and we look forward to keeping you updated on our other “projects in the works.” These include solar panels, outdoor greenhouse classroom, weather station and more!

Summer is almost over!  

Thank you for the families that spent time this summer to keep our garden green and beautiful! They each spent a week or more watering, weeding and even planting some new flowers to help keep our garden looking healthy.


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