Lafayette Science Garden & Outdoor Classroom

So much happens here.  Maybe that is why it is a favorite place.  It is where parents wait to see the end of school day smiles of their kindergartners.  It is where science, reading buddies, green team, and poetry classes gather. It is where you get dirty and wet and eat new stuff. It is a pretty place to run through on your way to recess or lunch.  We can’t wait to see what the kids dream up to do this year in the garden!

Summer is almost here!  

Do you love to garden but don’t have one?  This opportunity is for you! We need some help keeping our garden tended this summer. Sign up for a week slot to care for the garden. Includes watering and optional weeding. Bring the kids and they can eat the veggies and pick the flowers!

The garden is locked so we will make sure you get the keys for the week on Fridays or Saturdays. Any questions, contact Ellen – or call 206-605-7423. Thank you!



Contact the Garden:

Hey Teachers…

  1. Sign up for a tree planting class by finding a time that works for you on the  Garden Calendar
  2.  Use the garden for your own lesson plan
  3. Make a Garden Reservation

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    1. Hi Stephanie! Paver purchases are currently on hold until the school district approves the final plan.

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