Walk-A-Thon 2016: Super Silly Fun Land

Lafayette Walk-A-Thon 2016

Lafayette students walked 8,017 laps in 2016!
Leo Lambert had the most laps (32).
Tatum Paddock had the most pledges (68).
The Super Silly Fun Walk-A-Thon raised $74,411 in 2016!

Amount Raised by Teacher*

Teacher			Total
Ms. Duke		$6,173.60
Mrs. Essex		$4,377.00
Ms. Joseph		$3,665.00
Ms. Baiai		$3,640.00
Mrs. Sacco-Neel		$3,411.02
Ms. Miller		$3,372.01
Ms. Thompson		$3,086.53
Mr. Hodges		$2,909.00
Mr. Schroeder		$2,802.25
Ms. Adams		$2,545.85
Ms. Freed		$2,512.88
Ms. Benson		$2,461.45
Mr. Shaw		$2,396.00
Ms. McBeth		$2,056.25
Ms. Whipple		$2,026.00
Mrs. Baleto-Ferguson	$1,756.00
Ms. Takahashi		$1,412.50
Mrs. Hogrefe		$1,329.50
Ms. Peterson		$1,263.25
Mr. Ngobi		$1,213.00

*Does not include “Company Matching”

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